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4 Powerful Plants That Help You Heal Cuts and Bruises

Summer is the season for enjoying the outdoors, whether it’s kayaking, climbing, running, hiking, or any other activity.  While fun in the sun is good for you, as it boosts your vitamin D levels, it can also lead to cuts and bruises if you’re not careful.  Although our bodies have an effective and rather quick way of healing our own injuries, we can use supplements and plants to help boost our healing processes.  Today, we want to discuss four powerful...

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6 Simple Steps for Living a Mindful Life

Living a mindful life can be difficult to do. Mindfulness is defined as a “moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment.” It is characterized mainly by paying close attention to ideas and feelings with an impartial attitude. It involves no judging as to whether your ideas or feelings are right or wrong. Living a mindful life requires intense bodily and spiritual practices in the form of prayer and meditation. In reality, these two are mental training practices...

Superfoods for Health: What You Need to Know

The term “superfood” is a buzzword that refers to food items that provide you with quality nutrients. Moreover, some items stand out among others by possessing antioxidants, anticancer elements, and help for healing. These are the best superfoods for health. Scientifically, there is no single food item that provides all the dietary requirements you need. Eating a variety of foodstuffs like poultry, fish, meats, produce, beans and others help your body get the necessary nutrients from different sources. Commercially there...

5 Steps to Reduce Mental Distractions

Mental distractions are inevitable struggles when we think deeply or try to focus on a task. At work, we can be overwhelmed with tons of ideas that find their ways—uninvited—to our minds. The same often happens to pupils while studying. Learning how to reduce mental distractions is an important part of life. Some people have a high aptitude for targeted focus over long periods of time. Others don’t. Causes can vary from individual to individual, and can be genetic or...

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