How to Teach Mindfulness to Your Kids in Moments of Crisis

Years back, when I worked as a teacher, one of the most fun and yet peaceful activities I used to do with the kiddos was yoga poses. The idea was not to make kids learn yoga, but to pass along mindfulness teaching to calm their minds and bodies. With that, we could transition easily to another activity. We live in a world of “hyperactivity,” where we receive stimulus through all sources, especially from the technology surrounding us—smartphones, social media, tv,...

Living a mindful life with meditation - YOUTOHEALTHY

6 Simple Steps for Living a Mindful Life

Living a mindful life can be difficult to do. Mindfulness is defined as a “moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment.” It is characterized mainly by paying close attention to ideas and feelings with an impartial attitude. It involves no judging as to whether your ideas or feelings are right or wrong. Living a mindful life requires intense bodily and spiritual practices in the form of prayer and meditation. In reality, these two are mental training practices...

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